Create Room Cubby and GIVEAWAY!

Create Room Cubby and GIVEAWAY!

Did you know Create Room created a gorgeous and affordable Cubby to go in your craft room? Make sure you keep on reading to learn how you could enter your chance to win a cubby drawer worth of YARN! 


Create Room is mostly known for their DreamBox which is INCREDIBLE and *cough cough* I hope to grab one of these days.  But they may not be within everyone's budget, hence why they decided to come out with the Cubby!  This is a small but mighty organizing system where you can hold all of your tools and supplies.  

Right now grab the Cubby on their Black Friday sale!!! Use my affiliate link below to get it for 299$!!!! Use "TWINSTITCHESDESIGNS" at checkout for your discount!


Grab yours today! 

Alright let's start at the beginning.  I'm a stay at home mom to twin girls but also a knitwear designer.  Which means I have lots of supplies and yarn! My issue was I was always loosing my needles or notions.  I really needed something to help me stay organized (and to have it kept away from my girls).   When Create Room asked if I wanted to review their brand new Cubby, let's just say I had a very big happy dance. I was so excited to see how I could really make this little Cubby my own.  My Office/Craft Room has been a little messy and needing some organizing... Embarrassing right!? 

 Which one did I get? 

I decided to order my Cubby in the White with the DiviDrawers.  Which I would highly recommend, they make the Cubby even more special. I love the option of either having it be on the clear or white side.

How does the box arrive

The box arrived all in one very bundled package.  Everything you needed to assemble it was in the box.  The only extra tool I needed was a small screw driver.  I loved how detailed and easy it was to assemble.  


I have uploaded a full YouTube Video on me setting up this cute little Cubby.  




Now that the Cubby was all assembled it was to choose how I wanted it to look.  I loved that Create Room came with a recommended layout for your DiviDrawers. This helped me a lot since it showed me what it could look like.  I decided to leave a spot open for some of my books, use another drawer for all my project bags, needles, notions and even some for yarn! I mean how cute is these little drawers of yarn?!



Now I did promise a giveaway right?!  I'll be giving away a full cubby drawer of YARN to one lucky winner!! All you need to do to enter this amazing giveaway is to comment on this blog post letting me know how you think the Cubby would help you in your crafting journey and also comment on my Youtube video.  That's it! I'll be closing the giveaway on December 10th to send you this big amazing package of yarn.  This giveaway is open worldwide. 

You'll be entered to win 11 skeins of yarn!!


Again a huge thank you to my friends at Create Room for sending over this Cubby! Don't forget to grab yours today and use my code for a discount! "TWINSTITCHESDESIGNS" at checkout

Grab yours today! 

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I would use the cubby for my yarn 🧶 needles books and Pom Pom maker and anything real Ed to using yarn. Thanks for the chance to win in this awesome giveaway

Maritza Correa

At the end of the summer I moved in with my boyfriend. We have renovated our small apartment a lot, but we cannot change one thing and that is that it is a small apartment. It is 35 square meters in total, so my boyfriend was a bit shocked when he saw how much yarn I wanted to take with me (and to be honest I was also a bit shocked too at how much yarn I have). At this moment two of the four drawers under our bed are full of yarn and my projects is EVERYWHERE… Such a cubby would be perfect for storing everything, but also being able to enjoy all the beautiful colors of the yarn at the same time (which I can’t right now because they are in the drawers under the bed)!


This cubby would help me in my crafty journey by helping me organize and inventory my supplies. I especially like the option of the clear drawers so that you can see what is inside. I love the look of skeins of yarn in a cubby but always worry about dust so all my pretty yarn is hidden away in large plastic tubs, so the clear drawers would be a perfect option. I also love that it has various sizes of drawer options, like the dividers. This would be great for my knitting/crochet supplies including needles, hooks, and yarn, as well as my cross stitch supplies like thread and linen.


My biggest issue living as an adult with severe ADHD is staying organized especially with yarn and supplies this would really be an awesome solution! I love it :)

Nicole Acuña

This storage system is fabulous!!! The only drawback, my husband can see how much yarn I have instead of hiding it! Lol


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