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Do you have any questions about my knitting patterns or want to work with me? Make sure to send me an email.

I love collaborating with other makers! Whether you’re a small business, yarn company, fellow blogger, craft supply company or a friendly person, here are some ways we can work together.

Sponsor a Blog or YouTube Video, Giveaways, Pattern Design, Social Media Post, Product Review, Teach or speak at your event.


Want me to teach at one of your events or retreat?? 

Here are some of the classes I teach: 

Introduction to Colorwork Socks 

In this class, we will go over all the tips and tricks on how to knit colorwork in your socks. Then we'll put it into practice with a sock pattern.

Stash Busting Socks 

In this class, we will go over how to knit your very own unique pair of socks only using up your scraps.

How to cut and measure an afterthought heel in socks

In this class, we will go over how to properly measure your foot, and cut in for an afterthought heel. 

Perfecting the Heel Flap and Gusset 

In this class, I take the fear away from the heel flap and gusset.  Students will bring their socks and we will turn the heel in class. 

How to become a knitwear designer 

In this course we will be going over everything you need to know about becoming a knitwear designer, from taking your sample to publishing the pattern.

Don't see a course you'd like for me to teach?? Contact me and we can collaborate on a class together. 



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