Black Friday is just around the corner, and if you're looking to elevate your creative space, look no further than Create Room's highly anticipated sale! Starting Friday, November 17th, at 10 am MT | 12 pm ET, gear up for exclusive deals and offers that will transform your workspace into a haven of productivity and inspiration.

 **Early Access: Exclusive Offers**

For those eager to get a head start on their holiday shopping, Create Room is granting early access to its incredible deals! Be among the first to seize these limited-time offers that will kickstart your creative journey. Join my newsletter NOW to gain early access on Friday at 10 am MT. 


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 DreamBox Specials


DreamBox, the ultimate organization solution for crafters, is the centerpiece of Create Room's Black Friday extravaganza. Here's what you can expect:

- **Free Happy Place Mug:** Purchase a DreamBox and claim your free Happy Place Mug to add a touch of joy to your creative moments. But hurry, this offer is exclusively for the first 100 customers!

- **Delivery by Christmas:** Order your DreamBox during the Black Friday sale and secure delivery by Christmas, ensuring your holiday season is filled with organized creativity.

- **$400 off White Shaker DreamBox:** Use the designated code at checkout to unlock a fantastic $400 discount on the sleek and stylish White Shaker DreamBox.

- **$350 off Ergo DreamBox:** Dive into comfort and functionality with the Ergo DreamBox, now available at a $350 discount during this sale. 

**DB Pre-Built Service**

For those seeking convenience and expertise, the DB Pre-Built Service is your answer. Enjoy a substantial $400 off on this service, but remember, the quantity is limited!

**12-Month 0% Financing (USA ONLY)**

MY $350 off Coupon Code: JULIEANNKNITTERBF23 
Create Room understands the importance of making your creative dreams accessible. Take advantage of the 12-month 0% financing option (available in the USA only) and turn your aspirations into reality without the financial strain.




Some of my favourite products from Create Room:


Cubby is going to be 75$ OFF 

The Create Room Cubby is a dream for crafters like me because:

  1. Loads of Storage: It's like having a treasure chest that neatly holds all my crafting tools, yarns, fabrics, and paints. Everything has its own place, so I spend less time searching and more time creating.

  2. Customizable Setup: I can arrange it the way I want! Need more shelf space for my yarn stash or bigger sections for my art supplies? No problem. I can adjust it to fit exactly what I need.

  3. Easy Access: When inspiration strikes, I don’t want to waste time hunting down materials. The Cubby keeps everything within arm's reach, making my creative process smoother and more fun.

  4. Showcasing Creativity: It’s not just a storage unit; it’s my personal exhibit space! I can proudly display finished projects or showcase colorful supplies that inspire my next creation.

  5. Room Upgrade: No matter where I craft—a studio, a cozy corner, or a shared space—the Cubby fits right in. It's like a cool, versatile sidekick that enhances my crafting area.

  6. Durable and Trustworthy: My tools and supplies are my creative lifeline, and the Cubby keeps them safe. Its sturdy design gives me peace of mind that my treasures are in good hands.

  7. Boosts Creativity: When my space is organized and inviting, my creativity flows better. Having everything in its place sparks new ideas and helps me be more productive.

In short, the Create Room Cubby isn’t just a storage solution; it's my crafting buddy that keeps my supplies organized, accessible, and ready to turn my creative ideas into reality.



Sew Station is going to be 250$ and 300$ when you purchase the DB


Absolutely! The Create Room Sew Station is a game-changer for sewers like me because:

  1. Smart Organization: It's like a magic organizer for all my sewing stuff—fabrics, threads, needles, you name it. Everything has its own perfect spot, so no more hunting for that elusive button or spool of thread.

  2. Tailored Setup: I get to set it up just how I like! Need more space for my sewing machine or bigger drawers for fabric rolls? I can adjust it to fit my sewing style perfectly.

  3. Effortless Workflow: When I sit down to sew, everything I need is right there. It's super convenient having all my tools and materials within arm's reach, making my sewing sessions smoother and more enjoyable.

  4. Nifty Features: Some versions come with cool extras like a built-in ironing board or nifty storage for threads. These little things make sewing tasks a breeze.

  5. Fits Any Space: Whether I have a dedicated sewing room or just a cozy corner, the Sew Station adapts to fit. It’s like having a versatile sewing buddy that fits wherever I need it.

  6. Looks Great, Feels Great: It's not just functional; it's stylish too! The sleek design and customizable finishes make my sewing area feel like a creative haven.

  7. Sturdy and Reliable: My sewing machine and tools are safe and sound. The Sew Station's solid build gives me peace of mind that everything stays secure while I work.

  8. Maximizes Space: It’s genius how it holds so much but takes up just enough space. Perfect for making the most out of my sewing area without it feeling cramped.

  9. Crafting Happiness: With everything neatly organized and easily accessible, sewing becomes more fun and less stressful. It’s like having my own sewing oasis!

In short, the Create Room Sew Station isn’t just furniture; it's my trusty sewing companion, making my sewing space organized, efficient, and an absolute joy to work in.



 Don't Miss Out!

Create Room's Black Friday sale is the opportune moment to upgrade your creative workspace while enjoying substantial savings. Whether you're a seasoned crafter or just starting your creative journey, these exclusive offers will enhance your experience and fuel your imagination.

Remember, the sale begins on Friday, November 17th, at 10 am MT | 12 pm ET. Mark your calendars, set your alarms, and get ready to unlock unparalleled deals that will transform your creative space into a sanctuary of inspiration!

Grab your DreamBox, claim your free Happy Place Mug, and indulge in these remarkable discounts before they're gone. Elevate your creativity with Create Room this Black Friday!

*Note: Offers are subject to availability and may have certain terms and conditions. Visit Create Room's website for more details.*

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